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2009 Websites of the Week

December 20, 2009 - January 2, 2010

The Center for Collaborative Planning 

The Center for Collaborative Planning (CCP) promotes health and social justice by providing training and technical assistance and by connecting people and resources. CCP supports diverse communities in key areas, such as: Asset-based Community Development (ABCD), Leadership Development, Working Collaboratively, Community Assessment and Strategic Planning. The site contains an extensive resource library organized into 13 categories. Go to: www.connectccp.org

December 13 - 19,  2009


IMPACT Arts is a component of Animating Democracy’s Arts & Civic Engagement Impact Initiative which received initial support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The initiative works to advance understanding of and help make the case for the social efficacy of arts-based civic engagement work. Animating Democracy is a program of Americans for the Arts. The website is organized around the following five areas:


Get Grounded: Key concepts that relate to understanding types of social impact plus ways to get started in evaluating arts-based civic engagement work.


Social Impact Indicators: Outcomes, indicators, and data collection methods for the most common social and civic outcomes aspired to and achieved through arts and cultural work.


Evaluation in Action Tools: An annotated listing linked to selected evaluation tools and frameworks.


Stories & Examples: Case studies, evaluation reports, and profiles that describe how real arts projects and programs have been evaluated and what they learned about impact.


Theory: Papers, essays, and articles on topics related to documenting, measuring, and reporting impacts for civic engagement and social change through the arts.

Go to: impact.animatingdemocracy.org

December 6 - 12,  2009


Demos is a non-partisan public policy research and advocacy organization founded in 2000. Headquartered in New York City, Demos works with advocates and policymakers around the country in pursuit of four overarching goals: a more equitable economy with widely shared prosperity and opportunity; a vibrant and inclusive democracy with high levels of voting and civic engagement; an empowered public sector that works for the common good; and responsible U.S. engagement in an interdependent world. A multi-issue national organization, Demos combines research, policy development, and advocacy to influence public debates and catalyze change. Demos publishes books, reports, and briefing papers that illuminate critical problems and advance innovative solutions; works at both the national and state level with advocates and policymakers to promote reforms; helps to build the capacity and skills of key progressive constituencies; projects the organization’s values into the media by promoting Demos Fellows and staff in print, broadcast, and Internet venues; and hosts public events that showcase new ideas and leading progressive voices. Go to: www.demos.org

November 22 - December 5,  2009


GiveMN is a new way to donate and raise money online. Donors can give to any 501(c)(3) charity, church, or educational institution in the U.S in the U.S. and keep track of all of their charitable donations  Fundraisers can run campaigns and special events to support their favorite charities They can set up charitable registries to celebrate special events, collect pledges, and raise funds for nonprofits. Nonprofits can reach new constituents online and activate their supporters to raise funds. They can connect with a huge audience of potential supporters through GiveMN's existing community and social networks like Facebook and Twitter. Go to: givemn.razoo.com

November 15 - 21,  2009

Our Shared Resources

OurSharedResources.org is a free service where those who work in the field of volunteer management are able to add useful resources and others in the field are able to access them. With many people contributing a little we all avoid re-inventing the wheel time and time again. Resources include:


Downloadable, real-world examples of forms, manuals or position descriptions


Templates & tools for creating resources


Tips, ideas and how-to articles

Go to: www.oursharedresources.com

November 8 - 14,  2009

Economy Track

Economy Track provides the tools to track the recession and unemployment crisis, with the option of focusing specifically on trends by state, race/ethnic group, gender, occupation, and education level. Bringing together up-to-date and historic data, this site also provides important context by comparing the current economic downturn to past recessions. All of the data and methodology underlying Economy Track’s graphs are downloadable and fully sourced, with some data only available from this new Economic Policy Institute resource. Go to: www.economytrack.org

November 1 - 7,  2009

Institute on Race & Poverty

The Institute on Race & Poverty (IRP) investigates the ways that policies and practices disproportionately affect people of color and the disadvantaged. A core purpose for IRP’s work is to ensure that people have access to opportunity. Another is to help the places where people live develop in ways that both promote access to opportunity and help maintain regional stability. Go to: www.irpumn.org

October 25 - 31,  2009

The Meyer Foundation

The Meyer Foundation supports capable, community-based organizations that foster the well-being of all people in the Capital Region with a focus on low-income people and creating healthy neighborhoods. The Foundation awards grants to nonprofit organizations that serve the people and communities of Greater Washington. The Foundation supports visionary and talented nonprofit leaders, seeks to strengthen the management and infrastructure of nonprofits in the region and works to build partnerships to foster the nonprofit sector’s work. All nonprofits, regardless of geographic location will find a wealth of useful resources by clicking on “Resources for Nonprofits” link. Go to: www.meyerfoundation.org

October 18 - 24,  2009


Causecast, dubbed "a one stop philanthropy shop" by TechCrunch, is a platform where media, philanthropy, social networking, entertainment and education converge to serve a greater purpose. According to Causecast, “People want to do good, want to be inspired, and want to inspire others to join them in giving back. Causecast makes this easy by providing users with means to CONNECT with people, leaders, charities, nonprofit organizations, and brands that inspire them.” Causecast combines media with causes to bring attention and donations to non-profit organizations. They raise money through partnerships as well as produce content such as podcasts that highlight the needs and goals of the organizations they work with. Go to: www.causecast.org

October 11 - 17,  2009

Energize, Inc.

Energize, Inc. is an international training, consulting and publishing firm specializing in volunteerism. Founded in 1977, Energize has assisted organizations of all types with their volunteer efforts--whether they are health and human service organizations, cultural arts groups, professional associations, or schools. Energize, Inc has just launched their redesigned Website. All the volunteer management resources, advice, and help it has always provided are now easier to find. Go to: www.energizeinc.com

October 4 - 10,  2009

FrameWorks Institute

The mission of the FrameWorks Institute is to advance the nonprofit sector's communications capacity by identifying, translating and modeling relevant scholarly research for framing the public discourse about social problems. FrameWorks designs, commissions, manages and publishes communications research to prepare nonprofit organizations to expand their constituency base, to build public will, and to further public understanding of specific social issues. In addition to working closely with social policy experts familiar with the specific issue, its work is informed by a team of communications scholars and practitioners who are convened to discuss the research problem, and to work together in outlining potential strategies for advancing remedial policies. FrameWorks also critiques, designs, conducts and evaluates communications campaigns on social issues. Its work is based on an approach called "strategic frame analysis," which has been developed in partnership with UCLA's Center for Communications and Community. Go to: www.frameworksinstitute.org

September 27 - October 3,  2009

Future Lab

FutureLab, an initiative of Independent Sector, is an online forum where members of the nonprofit and philanthropic community can help envision a more dynamic and powerful future. The goal is to generate, share, and develop ideas that have the potential to strengthen the sector at large and increase individual and collective impact. FutureLab is a place to leverage the nonprofit sector’s collective intelligence and mobilize its best energies towards a brighter future. You can participate by joining the conversation and share and get feedback on your ideas and contribute to the sector’s collective thinking. The information will be used in the following way: This conversation can be useful to all organizations -- leaders across the sector can provide and find insights that can inform planning and decision making within all types of organizations. It is hoped that the ideas generated through FutureLab will present new opportunities and inspiration for future work. Current discussion threads include: Civic engagement, diversity, global engagement, impact, integration with religious groups, leadership, responsibilities of government and nonprofits, technology, responsibilities of government and nonprofits, and the 21st century economy. Go to: www.independentsector.org

September 20 - 26,  2009

Sustainable Measures

Sustainable Measures develops indicators that measure progress toward a sustainable economy, society and environment. The organization works with communities, companies, regional organizations and government agencies at all levels. The website offers:


Free training materials


A searchable database of indicators


Explanations of indicators and sustainability


A list of online, print, and other resources, and


Answers to frequently asked questions about indicators and sustainability

Go to: www.sustainablemeasures.com

September 13 - 19,  2009

The Charities File: On Board

The Community Services Council in partnership with the Centre for Voluntary Sector Research and Development at Carleton University has just launched The Charities File: On Board, an online resource for small and rural charities. The website offers resources in four key areas:


The Treasurer’s Chest: Tools and templates for treasurers, bookkeepers, and finance committees


The Fundraiser’s Receipt Book: Information, tips, and the latest CRA fundraising guidelines


Agenda Gems: A year-round calendar of seasonal agenda items for boards and annual meetings, and


The Shoe Box: Contains the lists and rationale for storing and transferring key organizational documents

The Charities File: On Board is made possible with funding from the Government of Canada. Go to: www.thecharitiesfile.ca

September 6 - 12,  2009

The Nonprofit Portal

The Nonprofit Portal seeks to strengthen the knowledge and skills of nonprofit organizations in the Greater Milwaukee region through the collaborative development and use of on-line technologies. The Nonprofit Portal connects nonprofit leaders to online information resources, training and learning events, news, and local organizations with a focus on nonprofit management. Many of the listed resources will be of use to all nonprofits regardless of geographic location. Go to: epic.cuir.uwm.edu

August 30 - September 5,  2009

The Center for Social Innovation

The Center for Social Innovation was created in 2000 by a group of faculty, alumni, and other leaders committed to social change at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. Building on a long history at the School of engaging students and alumni in social and environmental issues, the Center has quickly developed new ways to strengthen the capacity of individuals addressing social problems. The Center has begun to build a vibrant community of active change agents through a variety of activities that contribute through thought leadership, student engagement, and community engagement. Through basic and applied research, case writing, course development, and publications, the Center creates new knowledge and disseminates important ideas and tools for social innovation. Go to: www.gsb.stanford.edu

August 23 - 29,  2009

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services

CompassPoint Nonprofit Services is a consulting, research, and training organization providing nonprofits with management tools, strategies, and resources to lead change in their communities. With offices in San Francisco and Silicon Valley, CompassPoint works with community-based nonprofits in executive transition, planning, boards of directors, finance systems and business planning, fundraising, and technology. While CompassPoint’s focus is on nonprofits in the Bay area, there are many resources that will be of use to all nonprofits. Go to: www.compasspoint.org

August 16 - 22,  2009

Venture Philanthropy Partners

Venture Philanthropy Partners (VPP) is a philanthropic investment organization that helps leaders build strong, high-performing nonprofit institutions. VPP concentrates money, expertise, and personal contacts to improve the lives of children and youth of low-income families in the National Capital Region and cultivate an engaged donor community to generate funding and influence in support of these institutions and of social change. Go to: www.vppartners.org

August 9 - 15,  2009

Resilient Organizations Fund

The Resilient Organizations Fund was established by the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota Foundation to provide capacity building support to their grantee organizations, helping them tap into and enhance their own powers of resiliency. The site includes an extensive resource directory designed to connect you with tools that can make a difference in your nonprofit organization. While the website focuses on Minnesota organizations, many of the resource will be useful to any nonprofit. Go to: www.resilientnonprofits.org

July 26 - August 8,  2009

The American Marketing Association Foundation

The American Marketing Association (AMA) Foundation's mission is to be an essential resource to nonprofits, helping them achieve greater success through effective marketing.  As the nonprofit philanthropic arm of the American Marketing Association (AMA), the AMA Foundation achieves this goal through support of nonprofit marketing conferences and other training initiatives, scholarships, research, on-line and electronic resources.  The Foundation works in partnerships and other strategic collaborations with the AMA, AMA chapters, marketing practitioners and academics, and scores of voluntary and community organizations.  The Foundation also champions and supports excellence in marketing and diversity in the marketing profession. Go to: themarketingfoundation.org

July 19 - 25,  2009

The Linchpin Campaign

Linchpin is a project of the Center for Community Change (CCC), which seeks to expand the resources available to community organizing efforts in the United States. Linchpin aims to persuade a wider range of donors and funders to support organizing and assists community organizing groups in effectively communicating the impact of community organizing. Go to: www.communitychange.org

July 12 - 18,  2009

Craigslist Foundation

Founded in 2000 by Craig Newmark and others, Craigslist Foundation is a publicly supported, non-endowed 501(c)3 operating foundation. The Foundation’s programs are designed to help strengthen communities and spark community engagement. Since 2004, the Craigslist Foundation has hosted Craigslist Foundation's Boot Camp, an in-person event that focuses on skills for connecting, motivating and inspiring greater community involvement and impact. Boot Camp has drawn more than 10,000 people since its inception. Over the past few years, the foundation has recorded the workshops at Nonprofit Boot Camp and released them as a free podcast series. You can subscribe via itunes, subscribe to the rss feed, or download directly from the website at no charge. Go to: www.craigslistfoundation.org

July 5 - 11,  2009

Philanthropy Project

The Philanthropy Project is an exciting, ambitious nonprofit initiative funded by the John Templeton Foundation www.templeton.org. The mission is to enhance America's culture of generosity by inspiring and enabling every man, woman, and child to become a philanthropist. Philanthropy Project is attempting to accomplish this by using the moving image to tell the untold stories of our nation's 72,000 foundations and their innovative good works ... along with the stories of citizen philanthropists who are "giving and glowing" in their communities nationwide. Philanthropy Project is funding three groundbreaking initiatives:


An inspiring, philanthropy-themed, family-friendly motion picture that is being produced in partnership with Anonymous Content in Hollywood;


A Web TV channel in partnership with AOL that aspires to be the #1 destination on the Internet for all things related to American philanthropy;


A Filmanthropy Scholarship Competition that is being held at six of America's top-ranked film schools.

Go to: news.aol.com

June 28 - July 4,  2009

Nonprofit Hub 

Nonprofit Hub is a site created to help the nonprofit neophyte, whether student, staff member, volunteer, donor, or simply a citizen with a question about jargon used in the nonprofit world or an aspect of management or fundraising practices. This for profit site, which generates revenue through sponsored links, is very easy to navigate and has resources arranged in 14 categories. There is no charge for the resources. Go to: www.nonprofithub.com

June 21 - 27,  2009


GoodSearch is a search engine which donates 50-percent of its revenue to the charities and schools designated by its users. You use GoodSearch exactly as you would any other search engine. Because it's powered by Yahoo!, you get proven search results. The money GoodSearch donates to nonprofits comes from its advertisers at no charge to the users of the website or the nonprofits that are recipients of funds. In 2007, GoodSearch was expanded to include GoodShop, an online shopping mall of world-class merchants dedicated to helping fund worthy causes across the country. Each purchase made via the GoodShop mall results in a donation to the user's designated charity or school – averaging approximately 3% of the sale, but going up to 20% or more. Go to: www.goodsearch.com

June 14 - 20,  2009

Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations

The Texas Association of Nonprofit Organizations (TANO) is the statewide association reflecting and promoting Texas’ growing nonprofit community in all its diversity. Envisioning a Texas Nonprofit Sector that works together to be among the healthiest and most vibrant in the nation, TANO’s concern and focus is every nonprofit entity within our state no matter their size or budget. Its mission is to connect, strengthen, and support the nonprofit community for the public good of Texas. TANO creates learning communities of nonprofit professionals, volunteers and others interested in the nonprofit sector. TANO  also offer conferences, seminars, and electronic forums and listservs which enable its members to share information, learn from one another, and expand their networks. As one of 42 state associations of nonprofits in the United States, TANO is a member of the National Council of Nonprofit Associations (NCNA). While the focus is Texas nonptfit community, there are many resource links that will benefit any nonprofit organization. Go to www.tano.org  and click on the”Knowledge Center” link in the left margin.

June 7 - 13,  2009

Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center (ARC) is a racial justice think tank and clearinghouse for media and activism.  ARC is built on rigorous research and creative use of new technology.  The ARC goal is to popularize the need for racial justice and prepare people to fight for it.  By telling the stories of everyday people, ARC strives to be a voice for unity and fairness in the structures that affect individuals and communities. ARC is currently developing a Toolkit on Equity and the Green Economy — including releases in Summer and Fall of 2009 of case studies, a model policy bank, and a framework of measures and standards—that advocates can use to design fair programs and policies within the burgeoning green economy. Go to: www.arc.org

May 31 - June 6,  2009


Today the global community stands witness to a momentous time in history where progressive change is not only necessary, but imminent. NetSquared believes the social Web is key to making change. NetSquared works toward this goal by mobilizing individuals and communities, providing Web-based tools, and awarding financial support to leverage social action projects. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, NetSquared - an initiative of nonprofit TechSoup Global - has worked internationally since 2005. In that time the organization has fostered monthly face-to-face meetups for social innovators in 25 cities around the globe, incubated hundreds of social action projects in various stages of development, awarded over $240,000 in financial support through prized-based Challenges, and provided a platform for cross-sector collaboration. Go to: www.netsquared.org

May 24 - 30,  2009

National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy

For more than 30 years, the National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy has served as the country’s independent watchdog of foundations. Over time, institutional grantmakers, federal and state governments, and individuals have taken NCRP recommendations and turned them into policy, such as promotion of comprehensive financial reporting for foundations as well as the inclusion of advocacy organizations in the Combined Federal Campaign—now both widely accepted as "good practice." NCRP played a critical role in the development of alternative workplace giving funds, such as Community Shares, Earth Shares and Community Coalition Funds. Go to: www.ncrp.org

May 17 - 23,  2009

Wegner LLP

Wegner, LLP is a Wisconsin based CPA firm with an extensive nonprofit practice. Wegner has become a well-respected and well-recognized name within the nonprofit world through provision of exceptional services and community involvement. Wegner currently serves over 400 nonprofit organizations including foundations, co-ops, unions, housing development organizations, religious organizations, associations, advocacy organizations, elderly programs, community action programs, humanitarian organizations, voluntary health and welfare agencies, educational institutions, and a variety of other human service agencies. The website includes a helpful list of resources including sample forms and policies as well as links to other websites of interest to nonprofits. Go to: www.wegnercpas.com

May 10 - 16,  2009

Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies

The Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies seeks to improve understanding and the effective functioning of not-for-profit, philanthropic, or “civil society” organizations in the United States and throughout the world in order to enhance the contribution these organizations can make to democracy and the quality of human life. The Center is part of the Johns Hopkins Institute for Policy Studies and carries out its work through a combination of research, training, and information-sharing both domestically and internationally.  Go to www.ccss.jhu.edu

May 3 - 9,  2009

Outcome Measurement Resource Network

The Resource Network of the United Way of America offers information, downloadable documents, and links to resources related to the identification and measurement of program- and community-level outcomes. Go to: www.liveunited.org

April 26 - May 2,  2009

Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement

CIRCLE (The Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement) conducts research on the civic and political engagement of Americans between the ages of 15 and 25.

CIRCLE was founded in 2001 with a grant from The Pew Charitable Trusts and is now also funded by Carnegie Corporation of New York, the Ford Foundation, the Spencer Foundation, and several others. It is based at the Jonathan M. Tisch College of Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University. CIRCLE has a reputation for reliable, independent, timely research. CIRCLE has begun to change public discourse and press coverage about young people as citizens. CIRCLE is doing this by providing a stream of reliable data and analysis that helps Americans to understand the strengths and weaknesses of civic education, broadly defined. Go to: www.civicyouth.org

April 19 - 25,  2009

Executive Service Corps Affiliate Network

The Executive Service Corps Affiliate Network (ESCAN) is a nationwide network of nonprofit consulting organizations. ESC affiliates are management support organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life in the communities they serve. They accomplish this by providing high quality, affordable consulting services and other technical assistance to nonprofits, schools, and government agencies. The ESC affiliates offer high impact volunteer opportunities to executives and professionals who have had senior level experience in business, government, or nonprofits. The Executive Service Corps Affiliate Network is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that supports its affiliates in building their capacity to serve their nonprofit clients by:


Developing partnerships with national organizations


Establishing performance benchmarking for ESC affiliates


Facilitating the exchange of best consulting practices and model programs


Marketing to national nonprofits


Securing funding for affiliates’ consulting programs


Organizing a National Leadership Conference

Go to: www.escus.org

April 12 - 18,  2009

FSG Social Impact Advisors

FSG Social Impact Advisors (FSG) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, founded in 1999 as the Foundation Strategy Group by Mark Kramer and Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter. FSG is dedicated to accelerating social progress by advancing the practice of philanthropy and corporate social responsibility in three ways:


Consulting services on strategy and implementation, evaluation, organizational alignment, and corporate social responsibility that help individual foundations, corporations, and nonprofits increase their effectiveness and social impact.


Breakthrough ideas are at the core of what FSG does, from original writing on the ways foundations can create value, to more recent work on evaluation, corporate social responsibility, and community foundation sustainability. FSG’s research and writing has appeared in such publications as Harvard Business Review, Stanford Social Innovation Review, and The Chronicle of Philanthropy.


Multi-year initiatives in collaboration with external partners, guided by expert advisory boards, and supported by major funders. The goal of such action initiatives is to advance the field by creating tools, identifying best practices, and fostering constructive collaboration to accelerate the pace of social progress.

Go to: www.fsg-impact.org

April 5 - 11,  2009

HR Council for the Voluntary & Non-profit Sector

The HR Council for the Voluntary & Non-profit Sector (HR Council) works with organizations, educators, labor and government to identify and address issues related to paid employment in the voluntary and non-profit sector. Priorities include:


Build and share knowledge


Promote good HR practices


Foster training and learning opportunities


Provide leadership on HR issues


Engage voluntary and non-profit organizations in our work

Even though the Council is based in Canada, resources will be of great use to nonprofits outside of Canada. Go to: www.hrcouncil.ca.  Of special interest is a publication entitled “Better Together”. It describes a shared HR services framework for non-profit organizations developed by the HR Council. This framework is based on the experiences of a number of existing non-profit shared HR services models.

March 29 - April 4,  2009

Theory of Change

The Theory of Change website has been newly revised and updated. This website is devoted to the application, methodology, use and practice of Theory of Change methodology.  For 2009, it has been revamped to include more information on how to best use TOC, lessons from the many areas in which TOC has been applied, and the role of TOC in organizational functioning and capacity. At this site you'll find:


When in your work can TOC help you and how (planning, re-grouping, evaluation, Board meetings?


How it is best applied.  Should the scope of your engagement be a day, a month, or a year?


How can TOC be the basis for a major organizational shift towards focusing on outcomes and accountability, while remaining participatory and transparent?


How has TOC been used recently in key topic areas such as social justice, women’s movements, international justice, youth development, structural racism and more

Go to: www.theoryofchange.org

March 22 - 28, 2009


The mission of BoardConnect® is to strengthen communities by building the leadership skills of community members and connecting them with nonprofit boards, matching them with one another for maximum community impact. For individuals who want to serve a nonprofit in their community, BoardConnect® training addresses the roles and responsibilities of a board member, including board operations, strategic planning, resource development, oversight, and ambassadorship. The training also familiarizes participants with convenient online tools to match them with nonprofits seeking new members, and BoardConnect® staff members provide additional support connecting individuals with the nonprofits they are most interested in serving. BoardConnect® staff members also provide additional matching support, including candidate searches and contacts, for a modest annual fee. BoardConnect also offers some training via webinar. Go to: www.boardconnect.org

March 15 - 21, 2009

Youth on Board

Youth on Board prepares youth to be leaders and decision-makers in their communities Youth on Board offers consulting and coaching services to large and small institutions that believe in the power of youth voice and want to help young people move from the margins of their communities into the center. Using a collaborative approach that emphasizes strong relationships as the basis for meaningful change, Youth on Board provides trainings, design programs and curricula, develop policy, and publish resources that help organizations build youth voice into their operations and infrastructure. Go to: www.youthonboard.org

March 8 - 14, 2009

Alliance for Nonprofit Management 

The Alliance for Nonprofit Management is the professional association of individuals and organizations devoted to improving the management and governance capacity of nonprofits.   The Alliance is a learning community that promotes quality in nonprofit capacity building.  The Alliance convenes a major annual conference, networks colleagues year-round online, and provides member discounts on books and other publications.  The Alliance provides visibility to its members in the online “Find a Consultant or Service Provider” directory, the People of Color Roster, Alliance Insights eNewsletter, Member Spotlights and membership directory. Alliance members include management support organizations (MSOs), individual professionals, and a range of national/regional, umbrella, research and academic, publishing and philanthropic organizations that provide technical assistance (training and consulting) to nonprofits. Available to members and non-members alike, the Alliance Resource Center is a searchable database of resources for nonprofits. It includes information on organizations, websites, books, newsletters and other products and services for nonprofit organizations. Go to: www.allianceonline.org

March 1 - 7, 2009

Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training

The Grassroots Institute for Fundraising Training (GIFT) is a multiracial organization that promotes the connection between fundraising, social justice and movement-building. GIFT provides analysis, training, and resources to strengthen organizations, with an emphasis on those focused on social justice and based in communities of color. Programs include:


Grassroots Fundraising Journal to provide organizations with affordable and practical information and ideas for fundraising


Fundraising Internships to develop new fundraisers of color


Training for Trainers to increase the number of progressive fundraising trainers of color


Raising Change: A Social Justice Fundraising Conference


Training and Consulting Services


Print and Online Resources

Go to: www.grassrootsfundraising.org.  To subscribe to their valuable newsletter, email enewsletter@grassrootsfundraising.org 

February 22 - 28, 2009

Applied Research Center

The Applied Research Center (ARC) is a racial justice think tank and home for related media and activism.  ARC is built on rigorous research and creative use of new technology.  The ARC’s goal is to popularize the need for racial justice and prepare people to fight for it.  Founded in 1981, ARC investigates the hidden racial consequences of public policy initiatives and develops new frameworks to resolve racially charged debates. With offices in New York, Chicago, and Oakland, ARC has three programs that serve these ends: Media and Journalism, Strategic Research and Policy Analysis, and the Racial Justice Leadership Action Network. Go to: www.arc.org

February 15 - 21, 2009

National Center for Children in Poverty

The National Center for Children in Poverty (NCCP) is the nation’s leading public policy center dedicated to promoting the economic security, health, and well-being of America’s low-income families and children. NCCP uses research to inform policy and practice with the goal of ensuring positive outcomes for the next generation. NCCP promotes family-oriented solutions at the state and national levels. Founded in 1989 as a division of the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University, NCCP is a nonpartisan, public interest research organization. The website includes state by state profiles of child poverty, data tools and a host of other resources. Go to: www.nccp.org

February 8 - 14, 2009

Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation

In 1999, the Arizona Board of Regents approved the Arizona State University (ASU) Lodestar Center to become a comprehensive academic center to enhance the effectiveness of nonprofits-especially those involved in positive youth development and human services. The Center was created after an extensive and inclusive process involving faculty, staff, students, nonprofits, funders, and a major grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Building Bridges initiative. In March 2008, the Center changed its name from the Center for Nonprofit Leadership and Management to the Lodestar Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Innovation. The ASU Lodestar Center advances nonprofit leadership practice through the four interdisciplinary areas of focus:


Research that Matters


Nonprofit Leadership Education


Assistance to Nonprofits


Conferences and Convenings

Go to: www.asu.edu

January 25 - February 7, 2009

National Poverty Center

The National Poverty Center (NPC) was established in the fall of 2002 as a university-based, nonpartisan research center. We conduct and promote multidisciplinary, policy-relevant research on the causes and consequences of poverty and provide mentoring and training to young scholars. Located within the Gerald R. Ford School of Public Policy, the NPC benefits from close proximity to an extensive and diverse group of University of Michigan-based scholars from such units as the Institute for Social Research; the Department of Economics; and the Schools of Education, Public Health, and Social Work. In addition, the NPC draws on the work of over forty nationally recognized scholars from around the country. The website includes extensive links to research, poverty data and statistics, publications and other resource in the field. Go to: npc.umich.edu

January 18 - 24, 2009


Statehealthfacts.org is a project of the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and is designed to provide free, up-to-date, and easy-to-use health data on all 50 states including info on Medicaid, uninsured populations, and more. Statehealthfacts.org provides data on more than 500 health topics and is linked to both the Kaiser Family Foundation website (www.kff.org) and KaiserNetwork.org (www.kaisernetwork.org). The data are based on an analysis of the Census Bureau’s March 2007 and 2008 Current Population Surveys (CPS; Annual Social and Economic Supplements) and are restricted to the civilian (not active duty military) population. The state data represent 2-year averages. Go to: www.statehealthfacts.org

January 11 - 17, 2009

Economic Xchange

The Council on Foundations, in collaboration with partner organizations, has launched Economic Xchange, an online platform for the exchange of information, ideas, strategies, tactics, and dialogue.

Be sure to follow the link on the home page to The Foundation Center’s new online feature, Focus on the Economic Crisis which provides a wide array of resources to help nonprofits and foundations alike as they face the challenges of an unstable economy.

Go to: www.cofinteract.org

January 4 - 10, 2009

Center on Wealth and Philanthropy

The Center on Wealth and Philanthropy (CWP) is a multidisciplinary research center specializing in the study of spirituality, wealth, philanthropy, and other aspects of cultural life in an age of affluence. Founded in 1970, CWP is a recognized authority on the relation between economic wherewithal and philanthropy, the motivations for charitable involvement, and the underlying meaning and practice of care. You can sign up for CWP's e-mail newsletter, "Wealth and the Commonwealth," to stay informed about the latest news, research, and trends in the areas of wealth and philanthropy. Go to: www.bc.edu

December 28 , 2008 - January 3, 2009

Center for Association Leadership

The Center for Association Leadership, founded by the Greater Washington Society of Association Executives (GWSAE), is an organization of people, resources and ideas focused on the future of associations. The site offers an extensive array of programs, knowledge resources and community networks including a Knowledge Resource section where you'll find association case studies, models and samples, articles and whitepapers, book reviews, the Ten Cool Ideas collection and expert recommendations covering all aspects of association management. Go to: www.centeronline.org

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