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Developing And Managing Volunteers: New Rules For Changing Times


If your organization depends on volunteers, you need to know how to make the most of their skills. Americans are still a volunteering public, but some of their reasons for volunteering have changed in significant ways from their counterparts in past years. You need new approaches to recruiting and coordinating community volunteers in order to respond to the changing profile of today's volunteer.

Workshop leader Frank Martinelli will share with you his many years of experience in assessing volunteer needs, identifying sources of volunteers, matching volunteers to an organization's needs and keeping volunteers satisfied with their commitment to the organization. He will explore the growing interest in volunteering -- especially among young people -- and answer your specific questions about how to apply new volunteer management skills to your group's situation.


  • Assessing the volunteer needs of your organization
  • Developing job descriptions that attract today’s volunteers
  • Marketing your volunteer program to new sources of volunteers
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining today's busy volunteers
  • How to diversify your volunteer base
  • Supporting and growing volunteers
  • Tools for evaluating the volunteer program


The session is designed for paid staff of agencies wishing to develop a new volunteer program or improve an existing one. The session will be particularly useful of the newly appointed volunteer coordinator or for persons looking for a unified review of the basic principles of effective volunteer management.

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