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Facilitation of Strategic Planning for Nonprofits

Frank has many years of experience facilitating strategic planning efforts in nonprofit organizations and public agencies.  While strategic planning proceeds through a number of logical steps, the actual process needs to address the specific outcomes that an organization seeks from strategic planning.  Therefore, there is a range of scheduling options available to your organization.  Contact us for more information about the facilitation services that are available.

Here are sample worksheets used in facilitating various steps of the strategic planning process.

Critical Issues Worksheet
Strategic Vision Worksheet

Sample Vision Statements

Mission Statement Worksheet

Sample Mission Statements

Strategy Worksheet

Strategic Outcomes /Activities

Objective Planning Worksheet
Action Planning Worksheet
Board Committee Plan Reporting Form

Sample Board Committee Plan Reporting Form

You can use these planning worksheets yourself. However, it can be very helpful to have a skilled outside facilitator who is knowledgeable about the issues facing your organization and, at the same time, does not have a vested interest in the outcome of the planning process.  Except, of course, that the process results in an inspiring and useful strategic plan for your organization.


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