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Strategy Worksheet 

The next step in the planning process is to develop strategies for each goal. Strategies begin to answer the question “HOW will we go about accomplishing our goals?” The examples below offer some definitions and show the relationship between goals and strategies.


GOALS:  3 years out

Broad statements of what the organization hopes to achieve in the next 3 years. Goals focus on major outcomes or results and are qualitative in nature.


To expand our funding base to sustain current operations and support anticipated program growth.

STRATEGIES:  1-3 years out

Statements of major approach or method for attaining goals and resolving specific issues.

1. Generate more revenue from programs.

2. Expand individual annual campaign giving.

3. Increase corporate giving.



Review the information listed below. They contain many ideas for strategy.

  1. Information from earlier planning surveys; earlier group discussion.

  2. Critical issue statements.

Brainstorm strategies for the goals.

  1. Use the format for strategies from the sample box above. Remember, strategies describe a general approach or method; they don’t describe specific activities or projects.

  2. Use the ideas for strategy suggested by other group members in earlier meetings, comments from other members, etc.

  3. If needed, use the list of verbs on the next two pages as a resource for writing your strategy statements.

Later, in your assigned goal group, review strategy ideas developed earlier by group members. Then develop/select the 4-6 best strategies. Use the suitability criteria below:

  1. Ask whether the strategy statement:

Takes advantage of opportunities

Defends against threats

Builds on organizational strengths

Corrects organizational weaknesses

Offers some basis for future competitive advantage

  1. If needed, use the list of verbs on the following pages as a resource for writing your final strategy statements.

  2. Write the best strategies on newsprint for reporting out to the full group. 

Strategic Outcomes/Activities

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