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Sample Vision Statements

YWCA Aurora
YWCA Aurora creates opportunities, inspires dreams for women and their families and connects the community.  As an advocate and catalyst for the elimination of racism and empowerment of women, our work results in a united community with increased racial harmony and safety, where women acquire the education, skills and resources necessary to build self-sufficient prosperous lives and serve in  leadership roles that positively influence the Fox Valley region.

AIDS Treatment Activists Coalition
Achieving the best HIV treatment and access for everyone through education, advocacy and mobilization -- from the community for the community to the end of AIDS.

Core Knowledge Charter School
Core Knowledge Charter School is a valued asset, community partner, and highly regarded choice that motivates, challenges and educates all students.

De Marillac Academy Strategic Plan
De Marillac Academy creates a holistic educational experience enabling and inspiring students to lead lives of choice, purpose and service, transforming the Tenderloin and communities beyond

Growing Power Inc.
Growing Power inspires communities to build sustainable food systems that are equitable and ecologically sound, creating a just world, one food-secure community at a time.

Ozaukee County Economic Development Corporation
OCEDC will be the leading force as the first point of reference and one stop connector of resources that ensures a growing, vibrant and diversified Ozaukee County economy.

Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin, Inc
Transform the resolution of family law issues to the respectful process of collaborative law.

Milwaukee Public Library
The Milwaukee Public Library is Everyperson's gateway to an expanding world of information.  Providing the best in library service, we guide Milwaukeeans in their pursuit of knowledge, enjoyment, and life-long learning, ultimately enriching lives and our community as a whole.

Historic Third Ward Association
The Historic Third Ward’s unique attributes and resources will be enhanced and developed to create a self-sustaining environment in which to live, work and play, so distinct in character that it is recognized as both a place and a state of mind.

Waukesha Symphony Orchestra
The distinctive Wisconsin orchestra that brings great musical experiences to diverse, enthusiastic audiences.

Elvehjem Museum of Art
The Elvehjem Museum of Art will be a leader among university art museums. Supported by the resources of the Kohler Art Library, it will be a dynamic center for research, education and experimentation in the visual arts.

Division of Community Development
We will be a catalyst for joint community development efforts at the local, regional, tribal and state levels and a recognized leader in providing technical assistance for local capacity building.

Martin Luther King Economic Development Corporation
We will be a recognized leader and driving force in developing successful entrepreneurial initiatives in housing and economic development, providing a pathway to enhance the health and wealth of the Harambee community.

Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
The Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing will be the recognized statewide leader providing a continuum of dynamic and innovative programs for persons of all ages who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Select Milwaukee
A united thriving Milwaukee, one homeowner at a time.

Nativity Jesuit Middle School
Every Nativity Jesuit Middle School student graduates from high school as a caring, compassionate and conscientious man poised for a life of Christian leadership and service.

YWCA Lake County
The YWCA Lake County is the catalyst for change resulting in generations of self-sufficient women and a world free of racism.

Sunset Playhouse
Sunset Playhouse will erase the distinction between community and professional theater and will be the region’s destination for experiences of artistic excellence, whether traditional in nature or daring and innovative in choice.

Wisconsin Historical Records Advisory Board
The people of Wisconsin will enjoy their diverse cultural heritage through better preserved and accessible records that document the state's rich past.

Bowling, Inc.
More people, bowling more often, having more fun.

Walworth Joint District #1
The Walworth School Community will be a recognized leader in educating the whole child by nurturing every learner to strive to make a positive difference in their own lives and the lives of others.

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Children’s Center
Our work transforms the understanding of education to include all children as capable learners, all teachers and families as full partners in the education system and quality programs for children as integral to the success of all communities.

St. Joan Antida High School
St. Joan Antida High School is the gateway to educational excellence and service for women who will live and lead in a multicultural world.

Waukesha County Historical Museum
The center for celebrating Waukesha County and its stories.

Great Lakes Alliance of the YWCA
The GLA is a vital network of powerful, thriving local YWCAs that transform women’s lives, their communities, and the world.

University of Kansas School of Medicine – Wichita
We will be the premier center for community-oriented medical education, scholarship, patient care, service, and research. Our leadership will revolutionize the delivery of health care in Kansas and beyond.

Lutheran Outdoor Ministry
A radically faithful and interdependent Church gifted with servant leaders and flourishing outdoor ministries.

Riveredge Nature Center
Educating, exciting and empowering generations to be responsible environmental citizens.

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