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Critical Issues Worksheet

Critical issues are fundamental policy or program concerns that define the most important situations and choices an organization faces now and in the future. Critical issues can reflect:

·      Long-standing problems in the organization, members served or recent events which are anticipated to have a significant impact on the organization and/or people served;

·      Impediments that must be overcome in order for the organization to meet its goals – i.e., problems to be solved; or,

·      Watersheds/major shifts in thinking that can change the direction of an organization or the nature of its environment and challenge business as usual.

Generally these are issues that cannot be resolved through a “quick fix”. The selection of issues is important because it determines the range of decisions and strategies we will consider in the future.

  Your Task:

v     Reflect on the following -- Major external changes/ trends having a positive and/or negative impact on the organization and the people served . . . Critical internal strengths and weaknesses of the organization that will have an impact on our future success . . . Major service expectations and perceptions of key constituencies or markets . . .

v     List what you believe are the 1-3 most critical issues facing the organization over the next 3-5 years. Try to word your statements in the form of questions:











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