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Building the Nonprofit Board Of The Future


We live in a time of rapid, profound change. Faced with shrinking budgets, rapidly changing social needs, a hostile political climate, and ever more intense public scrutiny, today’s nonprofits are finding that it’s not enough to simply update a mission statement or patch over a list of outdated goals. The nonprofit board has a critical leadership role to play. Is your board ready? This workshop will provide information, skills, and techniques to prepare your board of directors.

Frank Martinelli will share his many years of experience not only as a trainer but more importantly as a staff person who has had to interact with boards and as a board leader with an insider's perspective.


  • Roles and responsibilities of the board.
  • Major changes having an impact on nonprofit organizations and the implications of these changes.
  • New ways to think about how to respond to the challenges facing your nonprofit.
  • Barriers to the board playing a visionary leadership role and how to overcome these barriers.
  • The profile of an effective future-focused board and assessing how your board measures up.
  • The link between an organization’s vision and the board member recruiting, orientation, and education process.
  • Key strategies for transforming your board’s leadership style.
  • How to increase member commitment to a plan for board development.


Board leaders and paid staff of nonprofit organizations, especially board officers, executive directors, chairpersons of nominating, membership, and training and development committees; organizations wishing to revitalize their board of directors. The session will also be useful to public agency staff who work with community boards of various kinds.

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