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What's New?

This site is updated regularly. Check here to see what's been added.  The Picks of the Week is the only nonprofit capacity building resource of its kind on the Web, offering recommendations in the following categories: Cool Websites, Publications, Key Trends, Useful Resources, and Tech Tips. Published weekly since 2004, the Picks of the Week are updated each Monday. To check out the full archive, go to: Picks Archives.

Picks of the Week:  November 23 - 29, 2014

Website of the Week

Stanford Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society

Stanford PACS is a research center for students, scholars and practitioners to explore and share ideas that create social change. Its primary participants are Stanford faculty, visiting scholars, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students, and nonprofit and foundation practitioners. As publisher of Stanford Social Innovation Review (SSIR), Stanford PACS informs policy and social innovation, philanthropic investment and nonprofit practice. The journal is complemented by a website, blog, conferences, webinars and podcasts. Stanford PACS has relationships with five Schools (Humanities & Sciences, Engineering, Education, Business, and Law) and twenty departments. This provides a unique platform to share its work with the nonprofit and for profit community in Silicon Valley and globally. Go to:

Publication of the Week

Hand to Mouth: Living in Bootstrap America by Linda Tirado

From the publisher: "I’ve been waiting for this book for a long time. Well, not this book, because I never imagined that the book I was waiting for would be so devastatingly smart and funny, so consistently entertaining and unflinchingly on target. In fact, I would like to have written it myself – if, that is, I had lived Linda Tirado’s life and extracted all the hard lessons she has learned. I am the author of Nickel and Dimed, which tells the story of my own brief attempt, as a semi-undercover journalist, to survive on low-wage retail and service jobs. Tirado is the real thing." — from the foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich, New York Times bestselling author of Nickel and Dimed. We in America have certain ideas of what it means to be poor. Linda Tirado, in her signature brutally honest yet personable voice, takes all of these preconceived notions and smashes them to bits. She articulates not only what it is to be working poor in America (yes, you can be poor and live in a house and have a job, even two), but what poverty is truly like—on all levels. In her thought-provoking voice, Tirado discusses how she went from lower-middle class, to sometimes middle class, to poor and everything in between, and in doing so reveals why “poor people don’t always behave the way middle-class America thinks they should.”

Click to preview this book on

Trend of the Week

Child Homelessness in the US

A new report on child homelessness in America finds that 2.5 million children experience homelessness annually. Child homelessness has increased 8% nationally, and in 31 states and the District of Columbia. This historic high represents one in every 30 children in the U.S. America’s Youngest Outcasts looks at child homelessness nationally and in the 50 states and the District of Columbia, ranks the states from 1 (best) to 50 (worst), and examines causes of child homelessness and the solutions. The report uses the newest comprehensive federal and state data, including the annual count of homeless children in public schools made by the U.S. Department of Education. The report notes that progress has been made in reducing homelessness among veterans and chronically homeless individuals due to concerted efforts by the federal government, but no special attention has been directed toward homeless children, and their numbers have increased. Major causes of child homelessness in the U.S. include: (1) the nation’s high poverty rate; (2) a lack of affordable housing across the nation; (3) the continuing impacts of the Great Recession; (4) racial disparities; (5) the challenges of single parenting; and (6) the ways in which traumatic experiences, especially domestic violence, precede and prolong homelessness for families. For more information and to download the report, go to:

Resource of the Week

Establishing a Nonprofit Organization

This comprehensive resource from The Foundation Center describes how to establish a nonprofit organization task by task, including board development, creating bylaws, filing for federal tax exemption, recruiting staff, and developing a fundraising plan. This tutorial, available in English and Spanish, describes 12 tasks you will need to accomplish as part of the process of establishing a nonprofit organization:


File the certificate of incorporation


Select individuals to serve on the board of directors


Develop vision and mission statements


Establish bylaws and board policies


Obtain an employer identification number (EIN)


Open a bank account and establish check signing procedures


File for federal tax exemption


Follow state and local nonprofit regulations


Find office space and obtain office equipment


Recruit staff and prepare a personnel manual


Establish a payroll system and procure necessary insurance coverage


Develop an overall fundraising plan

Go to:

Tech Tip of the Week

Run PowerPoint 2010 Slide Show in a Window

Have you ever wanted to be able to run a PowerPoint slideshow in a window?  This can be done by adding a button to the Quick Access Toolbar.  Here’s how:


Click the File tab on the Ribbon


Click the Options button at the bottom


Click Quick Access Toolbar in the left pane


Under Choose commands from, select Commands Not in the Ribbon


Scroll down and select Slide Show in a Window


Click Add to add this button to the Quick Access Toolbar


Click OK

To run a slideshow in a window simply click this button on the Quick Access Toolbar PowerPoint_Slideshow_in_Win.jpg

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