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What's New?

Check out our recently published list of Capacity Building Resources for Building a Sustainable Revenue Base

In 2004, we began to publish Nonprofit Picks of the Week. Over the last 12 years, the Picks functioned as the only nonprofit capacity building resource of its kind on the Web. We offered recommendations in five categories: Website, Publication, Trend, Resource, and Tech Tip of the Week. We have decided to end publication of the Picks, on a weekly basis, as of December 2015. 

With the growth of many excellent capacity building resources now available on the Web, nonprofits have many other reliable sources for such recommendations. In deciding to end publication of the Picks, on a weekly basis, we look forward to devoting more time to writing, training and consulting in the critical areas of strategic thinking and planning, board governance, organizational learning, and nonprofit alliance and partnership building.

We will continue to post our recommended capacity building picks from time to time on LinkedIn and on a number of the LinkedIn groups that serve nonprofit organizations in the United States and throughout the world. To access our LinkedIn page, go to: Frank Martinelli -- LinkedIn

As you know, the Web is constantly changing and so, from time to time, you will encounter broken hyperlinks. In many cases, if you search on the title of the Pick, you will find the resource you are looking for. To check out the full 12 year archive, go to: Picks Archives

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