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Sample Information Technology Projects

  • International Manufacturing Company

Performed national feasibility study.

Designed custom training for top-level executives based on client needs assessment.

Conducted workshops for executives on the use of spreadsheet software for producing company budgets and other documentation.

  • Professional Association

Produced Web Site with on-line membership database.

  • Consulting Firm

Produced Web Site.

Produced computer-generated training media.

  • Suburban School District

Designed applicant database for human resource department.

Designed online forms to allow for submission of applications by way of the Internet.

  • Community Organization

Conducted Web Site Feasibility Study to determine the potential of developing a Web Site by the organization.

  • City Government

Performed analysis and wrote white paper on major city government’s wide area network.

  • Engineering Personnel Firm

Designed database for tracking purchase orders and invoices and managing applicants and clients.

  • Major Metropolitan School District

Designed and implemented system for managing student test scores.

  • Suburban School District

Provided instruction for teachers on the use of presentation graphics in the classroom.

  • Leading Financial Software And Services Firm

Provided recommendations for enhancing software training and preparation of training manual.  Wrote new training material including creating diagrams and screen captures to illustrate content.

  • International Insurance Company

Assisted client in developing a database of training material and using this information to create a printed guide and disk-based multimedia presentation.  Developed method for easily transferring this information to on-line help system.

  • Universities

As a former member of the Continuing Education Faculty of three major universities, I have provided workshops on a variety of desktop productivity tools; including: Microsoft Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and FrontPage.

  • Innovative Health Education Center

Assisted in the design and planning of multimedia teaching theaters. 

  • International Manufacturing Company

Performed client needs assessment.

Designed training based on client needs assessment. 

Presented workshops to top executives on the use of technology.

  • Major Metropolitan University

As a faculty development consultant, assisted faculty in the application of emerging technologies to meet specific instructional goals.

Organized annual conference on the use of interactive media for teaching.

As a member of the multimedia classroom design team, assisted in the planning, acquisition, and implementation of multimedia classrooms.

  • Nonprofit Agency 

Produced videotape “Welcome to the World of Computers – Efficient Use by Non Profits”.

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