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Recommended Books Available Through  (Click Book to Order)

Programming Data Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET
by Donny Mack, Doug Seven

A revolution in developing software is here and its called the .NET Framework. Programming Data-Driven Web Applications with ASP.NET provides an excellent introduction to this brave new world of database-driven Web development for seasoned and novice programmers alike.

Designing Web-Based Training: How to Teach Anyone Anything Anywhere Anytime
by William K. Horton

Corporations and universities are investing millions of dollars in distance learning and web-based training (WBT) initiatives. Expert guidance on all practical aspects of WBT site design is a critical component to success that many organizations are missing. This book walks readers through every phase of designing, setting-up, and managing a WBT site—from graphics and content design, to finding potential students and assessing their needs, from hardware and software options, to usability testing.

Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity
by Jakob Nielsen

In Designing Web Usability: The Practice of Simplicity, renowned Web usability guru Jakob Nielsen shares his insightful thoughts on the subject. Packed with annotated examples of actual Web sites, this book sets out many of the design precepts all Web developers should follow.

Don't Make Me Think: Common Sense Approach to Web Usability
by Steve Krug, Roger Black

Don't Make Me Think provides useful insight into the mental process going on in a user's head. This book doesn't swamp you with silly examples. Instead, it explains the best way to display information. It points out what doesn't work, but more importantly how it doesn't work and what would work better. There is a definite psychology behind how we process information on the Web.

Planning and Designing Effective Websites: With Web Workshop CD
by Sue A. Conger, Richard O. Mason, W. T. Mason


Provides answers to such concerns about challenges presented by designing/creating content, who the audience is, effective ways to convey information quickly/efficiently, & the best use of recent technologies. Paper. CD-ROM included.

Planning and Design for High-Tech Web-Based Training
by David E. Stone, Constance L. Koskinen

This book addresses the planning and design of Web-based training projects, giving step-by-step directions for applying the framework of traditional instructional design to the demands of designing Web-based training. Case studies illustrate how language and cultural issues are addressed in courses focusing on both soft and technical skills. Approaches and considerations for a variety of training scenarios are discussed. The book is useful for senior training executives, training managers, and Web-based training designers and developers.

Weaving the Web
By Tim Berners-Lee

The Original Design and Ultimate Destiny of the World Wide Web by its Inventor.  One day in 1980, Berners-Lee, an Oxford-trained computer consultant, got a random thought: "Suppose all the information stored on computers everywhere were linked?"

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