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DIY Just-in-Time Board Orientation

The Just-in-Time Board Orientation program provides nonprofits like yours with a dependable high quality resource you can count on as you integrate new board members into active board service on an ongoing basis.

We offer a DIY training program based on one of our most popular webinars: Just-in-Time Board Orientation. This special version includes the following:

bullet Recording of the webinar
bullet Presentation slides used in the webinar
bullet Just-in-Time Board Orientation Resource Manual

The materials can be used for board orientations now and in the future -- as many times as you wish.

The introductory price for the entire package is only $75.00.

A Variety of Learning Options: The materials can be used for board orientations now and in the future -- as many times as you wish. Invite your Board to participate in the training program with you real-time, view the training program on-demand at their individual discretion, watch all or selected parts of the program together at an annual planning meeting, or use the recording as part of your own training program for Board members.

Training Topics:  This training program has been designed in response to the expressed concern that it can sometimes take new board members several months or more to fully understand their roles and responsibilities. Just-In-Time Board Orientation will provide a clear, crisp picture of your board member’s responsibilities in policy development, strategic planning, fiduciary duties, fundraising, and oversight functions. This session will provide information, tools and techniques needed to bring new board members up to speed quickly. It will increase their confidence and their productivity in board and committee meetings right from the start. As a result, new board members will be better able to “hit the ground running.” Just-in-Time Board Orientation can even be offered to prospective board members to assist them in making an informed decision about whether to join your board. The session can also help current board leaders re-focus their efforts.  Participants receive a board orientation resource packet.

Who Will Benefit:  New board members, prospective board members, individuals thinking of joining a board and looking for a convenient way to find out what board service entails, executive directors, chairpersons of board nominating, governance, and training and development committees. The program is also a great refresher on the basics for current board members.

What Others Have Said About the Just-in-Time Board Orientation Webinar:

bullet “This is one of the best webinars I have heard on this subject!”
bullet “Great resource that I would like to incorporate into my future work in board governance.  In particular the webinar could be used as an additional resource, above and beyond the agency board orientation, for first time board members.”
bullet “The webinar gave me tools, ideas and information about board service that I will be able to use to increase my effectiveness as a board member.”
bullet “Very good for beginners and people contemplating being board members.” 
bullet “The Resource Manual has lots of templates I can use and provides clear delineation of responsibilities.”
bullet “This was a very useful format.  It offers more flexibility than a traditional workshop approach and since it can be tailored to an agency, it will be good in both a general sense and a more targeted audience.”  


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