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Implementing a Board Development Action Plan

I'm offering a new approach to board development that I'd like to share with you. Drawing on McKinsey & Company's Dynamic Board model, BoardSource's 12 Governing Principles That Power Exceptional Boards, and Chait, Ryan, and Taylor's Three Modes of Governance, I've devised a new approach to board development. This training and technical assistance package provides your nonprofit's leadership an opportunity to:

bullet Determine critical issues and challenges affecting your board's performance
bullet Explore promising governance models and practices
bullet Educate board directors on effective governance
bullet Select a board governance model that will best meet the future needs of your nonprofit; and
bullet Devise a board development action plan to begin implementation of the new governance model

The board development process proceeds through the following steps:

  1. Conduct an initial leadership orientation to the board development process in person or via webinar.
  2. Complete a board assessment utilizing McKinsey & Company's board assessment tool which is based on the Dynamic Board model. The comprehensive assessment is designed around four levels of capacity. This approach lays the groundwork for concrete action planning aimed at enhancing your board's effectiveness.
  3. Use the results of the assessment to identify priority focus areas for board development.
  4. Explore a range of proven practices for increasing governing board effectiveness.
  5. Devise a board development action plan based on the assessment results and proven governance systems, structures and processes. This plan includes an implementation timetable.
  6. Begin implementation of the board development action plan.

This approach has been field tested and refined leading to excellent results for a number of nonprofit boards. References are available upon request. I can provide more information about this training and technical assistance package by phone and in person. You can reach me at 414-961-2536 and frank@createthefuture.com.

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